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The ACA hosts the annual APEX awards. Since its inception in 1995, an APEX symbolises the achievement of communications campaigns’ performance excellence in an industry that is constantly refining and redefining creativity.

The adjudication process for APEX is stringent because entrants are required to prove that their campaigns achieved performance excellence by contributing a measured return to their client’s bottom line. An APEX is not an award for creativity as such because “effectiveness” is not positioned against “creativeness” - if however, entrants show as part of their APEX submissions that creativity contributed their campaign’s effectiveness, so much the better. It is therefore incumbent on Advertisers that that have won creative awards to put the real seal on their achievements by demonstrating that their creative award winning campaigns effectively contribute to their clients’ profitability.

An APEX represents a demonstration of both strategic and creative effectiveness and showcases award winners as being leaders in their field.

Over the years APEX has grown into a formidable industry event. The annual awards ceremony is a gala event that brings together captains of industry from the communications industry, the media and Government. The event provides a platform for marketers to network with relevant stakeholders and in particular, to endorse the importance of effective communications campaigns in an era where accountability and return on investment is of key importance. 
The 2009 APEX gala event was shown on Top Billing. Click here to view the insert

APEX Awards 2016 Entry Information


APEX Awards 2016 Entry Information

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