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While the business of branding and selling is by its very nature highly competitive, it’s the innate desire to outperform one another, whether you are a large or small agency, which sustains a vibrant and healthy profession. Moreover, the co-operation and participation of agencies within a collective body ensures professional respect and recognition. Membership gives your business distinct advantages:

  1. Collective experience. Members gain useful and practical insights into common operational issues, as well as experienced and proven approaches to managing the business of marketing communication.

  2. Professional accreditation. In the interests of good governance, more and more corporate clients are today requiring that their suppliers carry professional endorsement or acknowledgement from their respective industry bodies. Having satisfied the requirements and professional standards of ACA membership, your agency credentials are underpinned with professional (bona fide) recognition.

  3. Direct notification of regulatory developments and changes. This includes legislative amendments passed by governing authorities, as well as the most recent ASA rulings. It is important that the industry stays abreast of developments and that we act in the immediate interests of industry stakeholders.

  4. Legal advisory service. The ACA has dedicated access to experienced and informed legal advice. While this does not extend to counsel or representation, it is particularly useful when advising clients and understanding particular issues or regulations, for example: when advertising a credit facility, devising a promotional competition, or the rules governing the use of children in advertising. For a nominal advisory fee, ACA members are able to operate with complete accountability and professionalism, ensuring compliance with the ASA code of practice, so that any legal technicalities do not become costly liabilities.

  5. Participation in industry surveys. Tracking and analyzing salary trends within the industry assists member agencies in planning and budgeting for resources on a market-related scale.

  6. Exclusive industry rates. In association with AON, ACA agencies enjoy preferential insurance rates to cover film abandonment for commercial shoots. As and when feasible, the ACA may also negotiate special rates (such as travel and accommodation) for industry events.

  7. The network working for you. This includes direct notification and updates on international industry developments with allied associations across the globe, including exchange with bodies such as the Association of American Advertising Agencies and the European Association of Advertising Agencies. Nationally, your ACA membership facilitates direct access and participation in important industry events and bodies, such as the APEX Awards, the Loeries, the Creative Circle, the HR Forum and the Financial Directors’ Forum. Close affiliation is also maintained with supporting industry stakeholders, including: SAARF, MASA, LCA, OHMSA and OPA.

  8. Industry Monitoring and Resolution. With the collective interest of the industry at heart, the ACA provides a forum for the discussion and resolution of industry concerns, whether this be inter-agency concerns, client-related issues, or a broader legislative initiatives.

  9. MAC Charter (Media, Advertising and Communication Sector Charter). Meaningful transformation of our industry starts with an understanding and commitment from within each member agency. Navigating and auditing the formal processes can be fairly challenging for the uninitiated, that’s why the ACA assists members with pursuing achievable and sustainable transformation goals.

  10. Facilitation of Tenders & Pitches. The ACA assists clients and participating agencies in following fair, definitive procedures that are designed to achieve the most productive relationship between the client and appointed agency.

  11. New business opportunities. The ACA does not make recommendations on behalf of any member agencies. However, clients looking for a marketing communications partner will be referred to the ACA website. As an ACA agency, with your credentials listed on the ACA website, you are effectively giving yourself the desired credibility that a potential client can believe and have faith in.

  12. AAA School. Long recognized as the leading school in South Africa, ACA members have preferential access to top graduates and interns. The AAA campuses in Cape Town and Johannesburg also offer focused courses and workshops, at special member rates, for the career development and skills improvement of your agency staff.


Your agency needs to have been in operation for at least two years, with transparent and up-to-date financial statements on record. On submission of your agency management credentials, along with the financials, your application for membership is referred to the ACA executive for consideration.

Say ‘YES’ to joining the ACA by calling our office on 011 781 2772. Thereafter arrangements will be made for an ACA executive to visit your agency to ensure that you comply and are of the high standards we require from our membership base.

The Benefits that ACA SA Members Receive

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