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Proposed New Marketing Research to Replace AMPS

, 02-03-2017

A new all media marketing research survey to replace the now defunct AMPS was today launched to marketers and agencies.

The Marketing Association of South Africa - MA(SA), the AMF (the Advertising Media Forum) and the Association for Communication and Advertising (the ACA), jointly announced that an independent, transparent, benchmarked, and audited research initiative that will focus on brands, products, & segmentation in an integrated and consumer centric manner was being offered to marketers on a subscription basis. A minimum number of subscribers will be required to make the new research financially viable and sustainable, and the industry bodies urged marketers to participate in making the proposal a reality.
Greg Garden, CEO of MA(SA) says “The demise of AMPS has left a gaping hole in consumer based research. Marketers urgently need a new integrated view of the market to replace and build on AMPS, and a common ‘currency’ for intermedia insight to inform their strategies and planning. We consulted widely, and Marketers told us they are willing to pay for such a study through an equitable model, and want an independent industry body to deliver the research”. Should sufficient marketers sign up for the new research, SAARF – The South African Audience Foundation – which for over 30 years delivered AMPS, will be transformed into a new Marketing Research Foundation which will be resourced to handle the scope and final implementation plan for this project.
“Today’s announcement provides the solution marketers have been asking for” says the Chairperson of the AMF, Virginia Hollis. “The new research will provide a single integrated view of the South African market. It creates continuity for target market definitions. It is geared to the strategic and planning needs of Marketers and their agencies, and gives marketers control of design, specifications, and processes. And, it is modular in design, and can grow with marketers’ changing needs and market developments”.
Bruce Williamson of the ACA explained that because there is no mechanism or appetite to create an industry-wide fund, this research is being offered on a subscription basis. “Extensive research into International best practice confirmed that where marketers and/or media agencies contribute towards sustainable industry research, contributions are calculated as a percentage of advertising spend” he says. “Annual revenue of around R55m is needed to make this new hub product viable and sustainable. A minimum no. of initial subscribers is thus needed to bring this to life, and subscribing marketers will contribute only 0,5% or less of their annual ad spend which will be more than recovered through improved targeting and efficacy of their media investment”.
The subscription window of opportunity for marketers starts immediately, and the project leaders aim to keep it as short as possible. “Marketers and their media agencies need this, and are already encountering the costly information void of life without AMPS” says Garden. “We look forward to strong support for this initiative and urge marketers to express their interest immediately so that we can urgently fill the hole in our consumer research”.
Full details of the new initiative can be found on the SAARF, MA(SA), AMF, and ACA websites.
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